Russell Wallace of Orange County, California is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur. Being the brains of many successful companies, it’s no surprise that hard work and dealing with major health issues has had a huge effect on Russell.

Growing up in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and moving to Laguna Beach at the age of 10, Russell spent a lot of time in the ocean with this parents, who are school teachers. His lifelong passion of surfing and bodyboarding began around that time, with his brother being a avid surfer himself.

At the age of 19, Russell made his first million with his own mortgage company. By the age of 24 Russell had 8 offices and a staff of about 300 employees. Building his key principles around the excellent customer service model of Zappos, building the best service and culture he can find.

Currently working as an entrepreneur, with a new brand with only 5 sales guys, he’s focusing all of his efforts into this new venture of helping businesses. For almost 9 years Russell was at 29 Prime where he amassed a massive billing base. Bringing in a million dollars a month. With telemarketers from the US and abroad the company has gone to to be successful.

Funding himself currently Russell is serving the businesses that will be the best in the future. There is a lot more risk this way but in Russell’s lifetime, dealing with a few medical scares no risk is a big risk.

At the age of 16 during a football practice Russell’s coach noticed something off about him that day. Upon his coach checking Russell’s pulse he noticed an irregular heartbeat. Something Russell thought was normal. His coach rushed Russell off the hospital, where he had open heart surgery, making his teenage years a little rough on him.

Another medical scare came at the age of 24, at the height of his career. Russell had a sore throat and went to the doctors to get some antibiotics and blood drawn. His doctor calling him back and telling him they needed to draw more blood. Russell was getting concerned, and with good reason. Russell was diagnosed with Leukemia, forcing him to bedridden for 3 months. Losing his ability to walk and requiring chemotherapy.

Despite Russell’s medical scares he’s always came out on top, and it’s no secret that his professional successes are influenced by him overcoming major life hurdles. Living life to its fullest and working hard to find success in all areas is what Russell does and will continue to do in all aspects of life.