Russell Wallace is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur from Orange County, California.  Being the brains behind many different successful companies, it’s not surprising that hard work and dealing with major health issues has shaped the man Russell is today.   As a native of California, Russell has always had a passion for his environment.  Originally from Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, Wallace moved to Laguna Beach at the age of ten. His parents, who were local school teachers, and his brother were a close knit family who spent a lot of time together. Often, the two siblings were found in the ocean where Russell’s lifelong passion for surfing and bodyboarding was first ignited.

At the age of sixteen during a football practice, Russell’s coach first noticed that something was irregular with the perceived healthy boy. As he checked his pulse, the coach noticed that Wallace had an irregular heartbeat and enquired the boy about it. Russell told the coach that he thought that was a normal occurrence, which lead the coach to rush the boy to the hospital.

As he worked hard through school and his recovery, Russell was ambitious and driven to succeed in life. It paid off for the young man. At the age of nineteen, Wallace owned his own mortgage company and had made his first million dollars. His businesses continued to grown and cross milestones and, by the age of twenty-four, he had three hundred employees working for him in eight different offices.  Part of the reason the companies were so successful was due to building his key principles in a similar fashion of Zappos – ensuring that his employees offered the best customer service and culture that they could.

Unfortunately, Russell’s open heart surgery would not be the last time he had a serious medical trauma. At twenty-four, the height of his career, Russell was diagnosed with Leukemia. The disease was discovered after Russell went to the doctor due to a sore throat to get antibiotics.  During this visit, Wallace had his blood drawn to determine the exact illness of his sore throat. After he left, the doctor kept calling him back, stating that they needed to draw even more blood. Realizing that this wasn’t normal behavior for a sore throat, Russell started to get concerned, and for good reason. Soon after the doctors told him about the diagnosis that changed his world forever. The cancer forced him to be bedridden for three months, requiring him to have chemotherapy and losing his ability to walk.

As time passed, Russell recovered from cancer and moved on to even more success in life. For nine years, Russell was involved with a company that was bringing in a million dollars a month, amassed a massive billing base and had telemarketers located both in the USA and abroad. Needless to say, the company had gone on to be more successful than anyone imagined.

Recently, Russell decided to step back and focus his energy on a new adventure. Creating a brand new business with a small team of five, he spends his time and effort making this new adventure a success. As he is funding it himself, Russell is excited for the risks and rewards that come with building up a business that strives for success in the future. After all, Russell survived two medical scares, how could a business risk scare him off?

Always coming out on top, Russell credits his professional success to the lessons he learned as he recovered from his various medical problems. He lives life to the fullest and continues to work hard to find success in any aspect of his life. All Russell can do is keep his eyes towards the future and continue to lay bricks on the road to success.